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Privacy Policy of Google AdSense | Modified 2020

 The privacy policy of Google AdSense in 2020 has become very strict for users.

So hello guys, welcome to our site The High Tech Senpai, today I will tell you the reforms that are taken in the year 2020 by Google AdSense and if you are having the approval of Google AdSense then you should read this article very carefully because if you do this mistakes, your Google AdSense account might get suspended for a time or can be permanently deleted. And if you don't have the approval and you want it then don't do these mistakes on your site and if you are doing this then stop it right now because Google AdSense has become very strict to their policies and also not giving the approval easily and also due to corona outbreak, the approval process has delayed. 

So here are some policies modified by Google AdSense in 2020:

1. Fake Click on Ads

If you are self clicking on your ads then the system of Google AdSense will find it through your IP address and there will be a chance that Google AdSense might take some action against you or if you are thinking that by using VPN you can trick Google AdSense then you are wrong, you can't trick Google AdSense, because the level of security of Google is very high and Google can easily sort out it that you are using VPN to increase your click.

Also do not use any third-party application or site that provides you paid-click, because if your average tie is low and click is moe then Google will easily find that you are using the third-party for clicks. And also do not tell your friend to go and click on the ads of your site because it will cause you a severe problem, as I told you that the clicks are counted based on IP address, and a device is having only one IP address and you cannot change or multiply it.

2. Your site should have a page of Privacy Policy 

As per the modified policy of Google AdSense, your site should have a page of Privacy Policy, becauseaccording to AdSense privacy policy is the most important thing in your page and if you don't have it you will not get approval and if you have the approval then your account might get suspended.

You can various websites present on google which provide the privacy policy of your page and fo the free of cost. 

3. Fake click by randoms

If any user that visit your site and clicking on your ads continuously then Google will think that you are using any paid service for increasing the click through rate of your site and your account might get suspended. For managing this type of activity first check that if your click is more than avg click rate andon the average view then quickly contact Google AdSense and tell them that someone is trying to pull back your site and yo uare not using any kind of paid service, then Google AdSense will check and freeze your account ads for sometime.

Another easiest way tho handle this type of situation is that you turn off the Google AdSense ads for sometime mannuallly and enable it after sometimes. 

4. Do not use any third party ads

If you are showing AdSense ads on your site and also using any third party site to show ads on same site then it is the violence of the policy of Google AdSense, according to AdSense you are only allowed to show ads from a single source and if you are using multiple source to show ads for more income then your AdSense account will permanently get banned, and your blogger website will also get suspended. 

So above mentions are some policies that are modified by Google AdSense in the year 2020.

Google AdSense has taken this step because earlier peoples are using the AdSense in a wrong way and earn money through illegal method and also the user cannot trick the Google AdSense.

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