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How to Monetize your blog with Google AdSense in 2020? Why your blog is not approving in Google AdSense - by Tech Senpai

 How to monetize your blog with Google AdSense? Here I will tell you how to monetize your free blog with Google AdSense and earn money through it. 

So here comes the first question that how to apply for Google AdSense?

So first log in to Blogger and go to the earning tab and create an AdSense account, then send you a blog for approval and within 2 weeks you will get a response from Google AdSense that is your blog accepted or rejected. Many of you have faced the problem that your blog has been rejected by Google AdSense and you don't know the reason why actually your blog is rejected by Google AdSense.

Why Google AdSense rejects your Blog?

Google AdSense approves only the sites which met their requirements or follow their policy.

So following are some reasons why your blog is rejected by Google AdSense:-

1. Your Blog should not contain any royalty images.

Many of you just download any image from google and directly publish it on your website and due to this, your site gets rejected by Google AdSense. You should not use royalty images if you want your site to be approved. Now a question will arise in your mind that from where you will get royalty-free images, so I will recommend you to use https://pixabay.com/, I personally use pixabay for downloading royalty-free images, 

Another way is that you first go to google search for any image, you will see a "tool" option on the top right side, click on it then click on usage right and select Creative Commons Licenses. So these are some tricks to find royalty-free images.

2. Do not Copy-Paste

Do not copy-paste any article from google or any other website because due to this you can get copyright and your blog will also not get approved. Always write your content by yourself and write unique content and do not do any Grammatical Mistake and always check plagiarism of your post before uploading it, if your plagiarism is less than 30 then it will be okay and there are much free plagiarism checker websites available on google.

3. Add Privacy Policy Pages

You should add a page of Privacy Policy before you send your blog for approval, like in my case you can see a button on the top menu named Privacy Policy. If you don't know how to create a privacy policy page then click on this link https://the-high-tech-senpai.blogspot.com/p/privacy-policy.html from here you will get an idea to create your Privacy Policy page.

4. Use a Responsive theme template for your Blog 

You should use a responsive theme template for your blog because it will improve the experience of your visitors on your site and they will constantly visit your blog. You should customize your blog in such a way that it will look attractive. Your blog should have a light template. Remove all the elements that are not in use or making your website heavy. If your site has more elements it will take more time to load and this is not good for your website.

You cannot find a good responsive theme on the blog, I suggest you to use third party websites to download template for your blog, there are many websites which provides you templates free of cost. If you want some free responsive templates comment down  I will give you some free website templates.

5. Send your site for approval after publishing a minimum of 20 posts, and send your website after 2 weeks of creating that website 

You should send your blog for approval after 2 weeks of creating it because as the website gets old the chances of approval increase and you should publish a minimum of 20 posts before sending it for approval. 

6. Use SEO Friendly articles 

You should always write SEO friendly articles for your blog, SEO Friendly blog increases the chance of your blog to get ranked on Google and if your site ranked on Google then your site will definitely get approved by Google AdSense.  

And If you follow the steps mentioned above, I am damn sure that you will get the AdSense approval within a week.

So if you guys  found this article to be helpful then comment down, it really motivates me for creating this type of helpful post

  • How to Monetize your blog with Google AdSense in 2020?

  • Why your blog is not approving in Google AdSense - by Tech Senpai

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  1. how many views are required to connect adsense?

    1. Hello Buddy This is Tech Senpai and here is the answer of your question,

      Views do not matter for Google AdSense, your site should be SEO friendly, and you should not use copyright image or copied content.

      Thanks for commenting, it really appreciate us :)

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